Pore Reduction

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels is probably one of the most commonest and conventional skin treatments performed in aesthetic clinics. Since its debut into the aesthetic scene more than 15 years ago, it still remains as one of the most practical, simple and no-frills treatment.

It involves topical application of a chemical solution to improve and smoothen the texture of the skin by removing the outer dead skin. Commonly used acids, either on its own or as a combination, include: Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Phenol & TCA.  These have an added effect in reducing the skin pores and helps also to remove the debris that blocked such pores. It is an excellent aesthetic treatment for the weekend, or if you want to look good for an important event as it visibly brightens and smoothens the skin without any down-time or recovery. The treatment is virtually painless. It is highly recommended that each peel is followed by a deep hydrating mask, as one of the commonest effects of the peel is skin dryness post treatment.
In M&W, our signature peels and hydrating masks are customised to suit the needs of both men and women each curtailed to the skin needs that are unique to different gender, and also to the different skin types and colours. We believe that our customised care has brought around the patient experience that is memorable gentle and yet effective.

Why peels@ M&W?

  • Customised peels and masks that best suit your individual skin needs and social demands
  • It is painless, no recovery is needed
  • Creates the radiant shiny look which is ideal for an important event.

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Radiance Laser

M & W Radiance Pore-Free Laser Treatment

M & W Signature Laser toning treatments with the medlite C6 is a popular treatment in our centre. Medlite is an excellent laser to improve skin tone, reduce skin pores and improve overall skin texture, tone and complexion and also distinctly reduces fine wrinkles. Most patients will experience a pore reduction effect on their skin in 5-10 sessions.

The Medlite® C6 technology, is a non-ablative laser that HOYA ConBio that is FDA approved for skin rejuvenation and the treatment of a myriad of pigmentation issues. It delivers safe effective treatments for dermal (deep) pigments with lower risks of complications. It can used to treat most pigmentations, whether superficial or deep, effectively.

Why Radiance Laser Toning Treatment at M & W? How are we different from mass laser clinics

  • In M & W, we are sensitive to provide a laser experience that is virtually painless. So all our laser patients will have topical anaesthesia prior to treatment.
  • Each laser session is customised to your skin™s needs, your previous responses to past laser treatments with an individual treatment goal in mind

To achieve high satisfaction in our treatments, we strongly believe that expectations management of the results is necessary, not just in deciding the appropriate treatment for our patients but also to plan for treatment target goals that is practical and achievable.

Below show the skin conditions suitable for MEDLITE:


M&W Radiance Laser Toning Treatments. Enquire now!

Ministry of Health (Singapore) forbids the use of before after pictures in public domains such as websites and social media for the protection of public interest. M&W abides with this ruling. Rest assured that effects of these treatments shown on actual before after pictures will be shown to you during consultation.

Aquaglossy Treatment

Aquaglossy Treatment / 水光针 (韩国,台湾)

Fillers when administered to the skin increases the content of hyaluronic acid (another component of the skin beside collagen)- with that, the hydration level of the skin rises, the skin is more hydrated and as a result the skin pores reduces further. Dysport (a form of botulinium like botox) also have a pore reduction effect as it further inactivates the sebaceous glands.

As the depth of aquaglossy treatment can be adjusted, it allows treatment of both shallow and deep skin pores this offers an alternative for the treatment of deep skin pores which traditionally can only be treated with fractional lasers. It offers excellent recovery compared to fractional lasers (see below) which makes it a powerful alternative treatment. Most patients also find it less painful compared to fractional lasers.

Studies have shown that when botulinium (Botox, dysport) and fillers are administered to the skin:
1) Skin pores are reduced
2) Skin texture improves and is smoother, shinier.
3) Acne scars get less obvious, flatter
4) Hydration of the skin improves noticeably
5) Reduces dark eye circles and wrinkles *

(*Published in the Archives of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “Effects of Injection Depth and Volume of Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid in Human Dermis on Skin Texture, Hydration, and Thickness ” Dr Kim came to this conclusion :
Fillers injected into the skin not only improved the hydration of the skin but also the skin texture distinctly.)

It is for these reasons, aquaglossy treatments has become one of the key treatments in M & W to consider for skin pore reduction. Unfortunately MOH do not allow the display of before after pictures and we are unable to share the results of this treatments publicly.

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都市人随着年龄的增加, 长时间的工作,压力的原因,让我们原本娇嫩的面部肌肤会逐渐失去珍贵的胶原蛋白,脂肪,透明质酸和水分。这些会加速肌肤老化。我们的皮肤会变得干燥,松弛,粗糙和出现皱纹。

涂抹保湿品或敷面膜等补水产品, 都只能作用在皮肤表层。而水光注射的出现则完美的解决了这个问题。水光针可以进行深层次的补水,从根本上解决皮肤缺水问题。这也是水光注射之所以备受青睐的原因。





  1. 充分补水,使皮肤水润柔嫩、有光泽,显得更年轻
  2. 有效的去除脸部、颈部与手部细纹干纹
  3. 美白嫩肤与改善暗沉肤色
  4. 收缩毛孔,紧致皮肤,增加皮肤弹力
  5. 淡化色斑,改善痘痕
  6. 增强皮肤保湿能力,改善皮肤炎症



Fractional Co2 Treatments

Fractional CO2 Lasers

(Treating DEEP SKIN PORES with reduced risks of recovery and complications)

Deep skin pores, particularly at the nose, are notoriously difficult to treat with conventional treatments such as chemical peels or toning lasers.


The Fractional Technology “fractionates” or “splits up” the laser into finer rays, create “zones of lasered skin” with unaffected skin shown above. It allows deeper penetration of the skin without causing too much damage to the surrounding skin. This subsequently causes collagen remodelling particularly around the deep pores which results in their shrinkage. There is also a significant lower risk of hyperpigmentation compared to full ablative treatments.

The number of treatments needed will depend on the severity and depth of the skin pores, ranging from 3-5 treatments for shallower skin pores to 8-10 for more severe, deeper ones.

Why Deep Fractional eCO2 Laser Treatment for deep skin pores?

  1. It offers effective results¹, and treats deep skin pores that chemical peels, non-ablative lasers such as medlite cannot effectively treat.
  2. Adjustable to different depths with different energy settings
  3. Offers better recovery and less risks as compared to full ablative lasers²

¹Ann Dermatol. 2013 Nov;25(4):445-53. doi: 10.5021/ad.2013.25.4.445. Epub 2013 Nov 30.
²J Clin Aesthet Dermatol v.3(1); Jan 2010 PMC2921736

In M&W, we believe combination treatments such as combining peels, Radiance laser toning and aquaglossy treatments, help to more comprehensively address skin pore issues, and have a more superior result than individual treatments alone.

As cited in aesthetic clinic journals, combination aesthetic treatments do lead to better aesthetic results and more patients’ satisfaction**. Our combination treatments are designed with that and a better outcome in mind. For more information do contact us today as a how our customised combination treatments can deliver the results you desire.

**Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 May;121(5 Suppl):5S-30S; quiz 31S-36S. doi: 10.1097/PRS.0b013e31816de8d0.
Carruthers JD1, Glogau RG, Blitzer A; Facial Aesthetics Consensus Group Faculty.)

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