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Botox - Rejuvenation versus Prejuvenation

10 Sep 2015

Botox – Rejuvenation versus Prejuvenation
Botox concept today is not just turning back the clock, but STOPPING AGE in time.
Facial ageing is caused by an array of contributing factors. Most obviously, it is clear that wrinkles such as frown lines, forehead furrows and crow’s feet form as a result of repetitive folding of the skin along the same areas during our lifetime of normal facial expression.
The general approach of wrinkle treatment has been that of fixing it after the wrinkles have developed. Unfortunately, once a wrinkle has been formed in the skin, the fold is permanent. The only effective treatment for these so-called static wrinkles then, is to soften them with dermal fillers, akin to crushing a piece of paper and attempting to smoothen out the creases later on. This is termed “REJUVENATION”.
Rather than going backward and attempting to fix it, a better approach would be to delay the development of these permanent lines. This is termed “PREJUVENATION”, preventing the paper from being crushed in the first place.
Some people are thrown off trying botox at an earlier age, or at all, for fear of looking fake or “cosmetically made”. Botox today is vastly different from botox in the early days, when it was fashionable to look clearly botoxed. The consensus today is that natural expression lines when a person smiles communicate a certain warmth and sincerity. A good aesthetics medical professional understands that man and woman today want treatments that help them achieve a fresher and radiant version of themselves without looking frozen and numb.
Hence, good botox treatments are the ones that take into account not only the patients’ looks, but also their professional work and social requirements. It should eradicate wrinkles but preserve the expressions. This is possible by customizing the amount of botox for areas such as the crow’s feet and forehead, and delivering it more superficially to achieve a very precise effect by an experienced aesthetics practitioner.
The resulting look is fresh but not “done”.