Why is a V-face attractive?

V – face denotes youth, vitality, femninity and quintessential slimness that an attractive face should have. The features of a “V-face” are:

V-Face Characteristics

In just three simple steps M&W V face treatments can help achieve the natural V face that you desire.

Yes, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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M&W Signature 3-Steps V Face - Step 1: Dysport (Botox) Jaw Reduction

Patients with excessive muscles at the jaw will benefit well with Dysport Jaw. Botox and Dysport are preferred Aesthetic brands for most Singapore clinics.Using Dysport/ Botox slims the face distinctly and are essential part of the V-shape face treatment process.

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How do you know you are a candidate for Dysport Jaw Slimming?


Why Dysport Jaw  Reduction?

  • NO surgery and surgical risks
  • Natural looking face slimming and reduction
  • Minimal Pain and bruising
  • Affordable and Cost-effective
  • Quick recovery
M&W Signature 3-Steps V Face - Step 2: V-lift

What is V LIFT?

A V lift is a non-surgical way of slimming the jaw shape. This treatment involves the application of Dysport into the skin at the area to be slimmed. Visible slimming and a tightening of the face can be seen immediately after treatment is completed. When combined with Dysport jaw reduction, a distinctly slimmer, sharper face shape is created.

The benefits of this procedure include the avoidance of complex surgery and long recovery time with potential for complications. The result of this treatment is that u can achieve mild to moderate lift and a fresher looking face.

(Does botulinum lift the skin? BOTOX IS NOT just for relaxing wrinkles but also FOR LIFTING? According to this published study it can “successfully give rise to midface lifting and rejuvenation”. –

J Cosmet Dermatol. 2009 Dec;8(4):312-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1473-2165.2009.00467.x. Midface lifting with botulinum toxin: intradermal technique.)

The V-lift method is a new approach to the “Botulinum” technique that provides a visible lift to the jawline and the side of the face. The difference can be observed when only one half the face has been treated and each side can be compared. The slimming effect of the jaw is quite distinct, and can be seen immediately after completion of the procedure.




Step 3: Chin Fillers (optionally Jaw Fillers)

This process involves the injecting of gels (hyaluronic acid) into the chin to achieve the desired shape for the patient without the complications inherent in cosmetic surgery. Please note that for a receded chin,  a surgical procedure may be necessary.

The gels used in these procedures have been specifically chosen for their compatibility with skin tissue. It offers both immediate results and long-lasting results, lasting between 9 and 24 months. The longevity of the results will depend on the specific brand of filler and procedure chosen.

Why Chin Fillers?

  • NO surgery which means less complications and safer
  • Slimmer looking face and sharper chin
  • Minimal pain and bruising
  • Affordable and Cost-effective
  • Quick recovery
  • Back to work with make-up

Below are actual patients that have pre-existing face shapes that benefited from Chin Fillers & Dysport Jaw Reduction:


Botox jaw reduction and Chin Fillers work together to achieve a slim, sharp and attractive lower face.

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Ministry of Health (Singapore) forbids the use of before after pictures in public domains such as websites and social media for the protection of public interest. M&W abides with this ruling. Rest assured that effects of these treatments shown on actual before after pictures will be shown to you during consultation.

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