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What elements come together for the ideal nose?

  • A distinct raised nose bridge or radix
  • A smooth projected dorsum with no “humps”
  • A distinct nose tip, projected adequately forward and upwards
  • Septum of an adequate height so that the nose looks projected
  • Small, oval-shaped nostrils
  • A base of the nose that is not too wide (not wider beyond the inner corners of the eyes)


These traits are generally shared in an attractive masculine nose, except the bridge and base can be broader while the radix can be slightly higher.


  • Raises the nose bridge (radix and the dorsum)
  • Define the nose tip
  • NO complications and costs of surgery.

The following photos are of patients pre-existing nose shapes that benefited from nose fillers i.e. Flat nose bridges, blunt nose tips, humps or hook nose. Using the “Blunt Gentle” method, our patients experience the benefits of:

  • Little to no pain or bruising
  • Fast recovery time
  • Low downtime


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M&W doctors have an in-depth understanding of what makes an attractive nose, and take a holistic approach to ensure that all aesthetic feature combines with one another perfectly. We commonly provide nose fillers in Singapore for sculpting of the nose bridge, tip, and septum for increased projection and pleasing proportions.

Nose fillers start from just $699 nett/syringe — speak with our team to find out more!

We also provide a number of complementing procedures including cheek fillers for a fuller, more youthful appearance. If you are not sure what work you want to have done, our doctors will be more than happy to discuss what we can offer to benefit you.

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Nose Fillers At Our Singapore Clinic