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“It’s power in a syringe” – Dr Arthur Swift, renowned plastic surgeon from Canada, speaking about fillers.

Ever wonder what makes a beautiful or a handsome face? It is easy to imagine if one can understand proportions, features and symmetry. Features include the nose, the chin, the cheeks, the lips, the forehead, the temples, the jawline, the facial shape. The way that each part of the face blends together is a key aspect of beauty, as is the perfect balance of ratios. It is not just about having perfect features but how each feature blends and augments each other into a masculine or feminine attractiveness. Lastly our eyes have an aesthetic craving for symmetry that instinctively points us out how features look balanced or not on both sides of the face.


A beautiful face is about the right ratios

What are fillers and why should I consider using them?

Filler is a malleable gel that is designed to be safe and compatible with your skin tissue to avoid being rejected by the body. At M&W, we choose brands that are cleared by the FDA and HSA, including Restylane or Juvederm. The benefits of dermal, nose, cheek and chin fillers include:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime, low risk and short recovery time so that you can get back to your routine immediately following the treatment
  • It provides results that are distinct yet natural looking. In other words, it enhances your existing features instead of altering them.
  • On average, procedures commonly take only 5-15 minutes per area
  • Our patients suffer little to no discomfort during the treatment. That is because in M&W we take pains to ensure you suffer little pains.  Prior to the treatment, numbing cream is applied on the area planned for filling.  This increases the comfort level of the treatment. Also we choose fillers that is premixed with anaesthesia making the procedure even less uncomfortable.
  • Multiple areas can enhanced simultaneously to create the ideal face shape and appearance without the need to go under the knife; chin,nose and cheek fillers can be used together to create synergistic beautiful results:
  • 1) A beautiful nose matches and works with a proportional sharp chin in creating facial definition and beauty
  • 2) A full cheeks, matches a defined chin, as it brings a young looking “heart shaped face”.
  • Let the doctors from M&W (Singapore) show you how facial contouring with dermal fillers: nose, dermal, cheek and chin fillers, can achieve natural improvements to your face without detracting from your unique appearance as an individual.

Let M&W guide you into a journey on how these Facial Contouring Tx with fillers can create natural looking enhancements for your face with the right proportions, features and symmetry, while you still look like you.

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What elements come together for the ideal nose?

  • A distinct raised nose bridge or radix
  • A smooth projected dorsum with no “humps”
  • A distinct nose tip, projected adequately forward and upwards
  • Septum of an adequate height so that the nose looks projected
  • Small, oval-shaped nostrils
  • A base of the nose that is not too wide (not wider beyond the inner corners of the eyes)


These traits are generally shared in an attractive masculine nose, except the bridge and base can be broader while the radix can be slightly higher.

Advantages of Nose Filler:

  • Raises the nose bridge (radix and the dorsum)
  • Define the nose tip
  • NO complications and costs of surgery.

The following photos are of patients pre-existing nose shapes that benefited from nose fillers i.e. Flat nose bridges, blunt nose tips, humps or hook nose. Using the “Blunt Gentle” method, our patients experience the benefits of:

  • Little to no pain or bruising
  • Fast recovery time
  • Low downtime


M&W doctors have an in-depth understanding of what makes an attractive nose, and take a holistic approach to ensure that all aesthetic feature combines with one another perfectly. We commonly provide nose fillers in Singapore for sculpting of the nose bridge, tip, and septum for increased projection and pleasing proportions. If you are not sure what work you want to have done, our doctors will be more than happy to discuss what we can offer to benefit you.

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The form and definition of the chin is an important factor when it comes to your overall appearance. Generally, women seek a sharper, forward projected, V-shaped chin while men often desire a broader shape that more closely resembles a ‘U’.


Chin fillers are gels (hyaluronic acid) that are injected into the desired area to adjust shape and definition. This procedure produces immediate results without the complications of surgery (excessively receded chins may still need surgical treatment to achieve desired results). Depending on the case and brand chosen, the outcome typically lasts from 9 to 24 months.

Benefits include:

  • Chin can be shaped into any desired form, whether it be feminine or masculine
  • A quick procedure that can be performed during lunch time or any other small window of time
  • Noticeable results that appear completely natural

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Cheek structure has a subtler influence on the face, but is just as important as anything else — this is because the cheeks frame the central features and affect appearance from many different angles. In reference to cheek filler, height refers to fullness in the higher and outer areas as opposed to lower down. High cheeks help add distinctive character while the opposite, a flat sunken cheek, can contribute to an aged, haggard appearance. Cheek filler helps alter the shape of the face with smoother curves, seen three dimensionally, which also helps bring out other features such as the eyes, nose and chin.

The “S” curve provides added definition and character to the face, particularly on a side profile.  It also marks a heart-shaped face that is both attractive and youthful.


Nice cheek offers the face more character because of the added definition & aesthetic “S” curve on the side profile.


Nice cheeks offer a heart shaped look to the face which is aesthetic and youthful looking


Full Lips is the kiss of youth

If looking for a more feminine appearance, lips are a quintessential element and can be adjusted to perfection with the skilled use of fillers. Volume and contouring can be achieved quickly and easily by applying lip fillers, creating those plump lips you have always dreamed of; say goodbye to the days of “bleeding lipstick”! In combination with cheek filler and other dermal fillers, you can enjoy a much more vibrant and youthful appearance.



Similarly to cheek filler, forehead treatment may not be the first things you think of; however, the curve and proportion of this area plays a big part in the overall aesthetics of the face.  A fuller, curved forehead typically appears much younger and more feminine, while a flatter forehead is usually considered much more masculine. (see the images above)

Previously, alterations in this area could only be achieved by surgery and implants; but now, our expert team can apply safe dermal fillers and Dysport to make adjustments for a natural feminine young looking.

Why forehead dermal fillers?

  • A safe and effective alternative to expensive and complicated surgery
  • Fast procedure with minimal discomfort

Please note that some patients experience mild bruising and headaches after the procedure, which can be treated with analgesics.


Muscle and fat begins to disappear as we age, and when these reductions occur at the temples it can result it creates a sunken appearance; this makes the area look more masculine whereas slightly convex (curved outward) and fuller temples appear more feminine.


Does fuller temples make us look more feminine and younger?

Why temple dermal fillers?

  • A safe, affordable, non-surgical treatment
  • Can be applied quickly with minimal disturbance to your daily routine
  • In the event of any minor headaches or bruising, analgesics can be used to resolve any discomfort
  • Contributes to a more youthful appearance of the entire face, particularly for ladies
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