Chin Fillers

The form and definition of the chin is an important factor when it comes to your overall appearance. Generally, women seek a sharper, forward projected, V-shaped chin while men often desire a broader shape that more closely resembles a ‘U’.

For those with a truncated, blunt or short chin can often feel self-conscious about it. Especially for men, being referred to as ‘chinless’ has connotations of weakness, inefficacy and cowardice. A strong, well-defined chin can often make men look more imposing or commanding, leading to an increase in confidence in their professional and social lives.


What is the solution?

M&W Aesthetics offers a non-surgical procedure that helps to enhance the chin with minimal discomfort.  Our chin fillers are gels (hyaluronic acid) that are injected into the desired area to adjust shape and definition. This procedure produces immediate results without the complications of surgery (however, excessively receded chins may still need surgical treatment to achieve desired results).

Depending on the individuality of each patient and brand chosen, the outcome typically lasts from 9 to 24 months.

Why Chin Fillers @M&W?

In M&W, we treasure your experience here with us, which is why we want your chin enhancement to be safe, satisfactory, natural and as painless as possible.

Minimal Pain

We take pains to ensure you endure little pains. Which is why numbing cream is used in all cases, with the option of oral analgesia. In addition, our doctors use techniques that cause minimal pain.

Quick Recovery

Most of our patients can resume activities after the treatment.

Natural yet Distinct Results

Our aim is to let others notice your natural beauty enhancement – which is why your new chin have to blend with your facial features naturally. Our doctors are well-versed and well-equipped to create natural yet distinct results.

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Chin Fillers