Cheek Fillers

Our cheek structure has a major influence on aesthetics, beauty and youth of the face — this is because the cheeks frame the central features and affect appearance from many different angles. Gaunt or hollow looking cheeks give the appearance of age and fatigue, and are more prone to more visible signs of ageing including wrinkling.

Higher cheek features give an air of elegance, character and femininity (think Angela Baby or Angelina Jolie). It is these higher cheek curves that we seek to sculpt with cheek filler. (In contrast, flat hollow cheeks give an aged, haggard appearance)  Cheek fillers help alter the shape of the face with smoother curves, seen three dimensionally, which also helps bring out other features such as the eyes, nose and chin.  Do note that we do not fill the cheeks too low down as they contribute a “chubby appearance” rather than high cheeks.

What can cheek fillers achieve?

This comfortable treatment helps to sculpt the face with more aesthetically pleasing curves (known fondly as “ S-curves” by surgeon – see diagram below) As a result, a heart-shaped face is delicately formed which is both attractive and youthful.

It is because of the importance of higher cheeks to give youth and beauty to the face, that is why this treatment is Ideal for both aging men and women, or men and women who has naturally flat cheeks and look older.

Why Cheek Fillers @M&W?

In M&W, we treasure your experience here with us, which is why we want your cheek enhancement to be safe, satisfactory, natural and as painless as possible.

Minimal Pain

We take pains to ensure you endure little pains. Which is why numbing cream is used in all cases, with the option of oral analgesia. In addition, our doctors use techniques that cause minimal pain.

Quick Recovery

Most of our patients can resume activities after the treatment.

Natural yet Distinct Results

Our aim is to let others notice your natural beauty enhancement – which is why your new cheek have to blend with your facial features naturally. Our doctors are well-versed and well-equipped to create natural yet distinct results.

Cheek fillers go synergistically with nose fillers, chin fillers and forehead fillers to create the double heart shaped face.  (click on the links to find out more)

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Want to find out more about cheek fillers?

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Nice cheek offers the face more character because of the added definition & aesthetic “S” curve on the side profile.


Nice cheeks offer a heart shaped look to the face which is aesthetic and youthful looking

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Cheek Fillers