Imagine that you are able to shape the nose you desire. Without surgery, without much recovery, without much pain AND affordably.

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Smoother, tighter, healthy-looking skin.

Face lines can define our age.  It’s about time for the lines to go.

Our treatments eliminate the lines around the eyes and over the face creating a younger yet natural you. 

V face is the new “in”. It suggests youth, vitality, fullness and a quintessential slimness that any lovely face should have.

Find out how you can get a V face in just 1, 2, 3 steps!

Clinical journals have cited that an attractive face complies with a gold ratio or proportionality which essentially means a delicate balance of ratios of the forehead, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, temples and chin.  MW contouring treatments provide that balance and symmetry to your features.

We all need a lift to defy signs of aging and gravity on our faces.  These include lines below the eyes, deep smile lines, heavy jowls etc. MW Face lifting treatments provide a variety of solutions, catering to different patients’ needs to achieve lifting results that are distinct with as little down-time as possible.