Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands have always been a neglected part of our body. It is subjected to year of labour and use and receives little attention compared to our face and other parts of our body. It is no wonder our hands reflect our aging process most acutely. As we age, our hands; skin becomes more wrinkled, thinner and subjected to various pigmentation problems. It also becomes hollower between the fingers.

body4Sings of aging for the hands includes prominent veins, dry loose wrinkled skin, hollows between the knuckles. Would you wear a diamond ring that stands out on aged hands?

Dermal fillers can help fill up the “hollows” of the hands, improve the hydration of the skin distinctly making it plumper and less wrinkled.  Results can be seen right after the treatment and improves over the following weeks.

Why Hand rejuvenation @ M&W?

  • It™s a comfortable procedure especially with topical anaesthesia
  • Results can be seen right after the treatment
  • Results last up to 2 years or more
  • We will customise the right treatment plans that best suit your hands™ needs.


Dermal Fillers for Hands FAQ

With the effectiveness of dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation, there is no need to let your hands age you any longer. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q: How long will my hand rejuvenation with fillers last?

A: Our favourite brand for hand fillers is the brand juvederm voluma which lasts up to 2 years and more for some patients. Voluma is excellent for filling up the hollows of the hands. For further added hydration for very dry hands. An excellent product to add on is a powerful hydrator called restylane vitale which works wonderfully to plump up the skin and reduces the fine wrinkles distinctly. Vitale™s results can last more than a year.

Q: How much downtime is required after hand rejuvenation?

A: One of the wonderful things about dermal filler injections is that there is practically no downtime! Most people can return to normal daily activities right after their treatment session.

Q: Do filler injections hurt?

A: Most dermal filler injections do not hurt. Our doctors can apply a topical numbing agent to the skin prior to injection if you would like. To further decrease discomfort, icing of the hands are done prior to treatment. Most patients find the procedure very comfortable.

Q: Am I a candidate for hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers?

A: Unless you have a skin condition in the hands that will need prior treatment (like eczema or psoriasis). Most hands should be suitable for hand dermal fillers. To be sure, our certified doctors will take a thorough history and examination, discuss your desires and work out a customised treatment plan for your hand rejuvenation

Q: Are there side effect?

A: All dermal fillers may cause slight bruising, redness, swelling, itching, or tenderness after the injection. In most patients, though, these side effects do not last more than just a few days.

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Hand Rejuvenation